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Number Game
Item No: LA126

Number Game is a Basic mathematics teaching aids. It can help children to learn the math in a easy way. Purpose of number game is to let children: increase analytical and problem-solving ability.

Child Development:


Problem solving 

Problem solving provides children the opportunities to try out new ideas, new ways of thinking, and to solve a problem or obstacle.


Logical and reasoning 

The process that child uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion problems or situations that include logical thinking call for structure, for relationships between facts, and for chains of reasoning that “make sense.”


Mathematics thinking 

Mathematics thinking involves developing a child's mental thinking of mathematics which includes learning about counting, number, color, shapes, balance, classify, symmetry, geometry and etc.



Concentration is a process that you put a lot of attention, energy and so on into a particular activity for a while. Through reading and playing children are easier attracted to focus on their new task.

CM  25.5 * 25.5 * 6