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Engineer Block
Item No: LA014

Engineer Blocks can be easily assembled and reassembled to create any imaginable form. Playing Engineer Blocks helps each child develop creativity and imagination such as imaginative play. The process in which child uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion Problems or situations that involve logical thinking call for structure, Engineer Blocks can enhance the problem-solving skills.

Child Development:



Imagination is the ability to build pictures or ideas in your mind.


Fine motor 

Fine motor skill is an action which includes touching, grasping and releasing the object and children are able to play and operate toys.


Eye-Hand Coordination

Coordination is the way that your muscles move together when you perform a movement, which includes eye movement with hand and the processing of visual input to guide reaching and grasping.



Creativity is that people re rich in imaginations and ideas and they are able to create new ideas constantly when they face new things.

CM 30.5 * 43 * 8.5