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Chatter Patter
Item No: LA8100

Chatter Patter can enhance key words and sentence pattern of reading.The English conversation here is close to daily life. Learning it with our E-pen will let children easy to speak English. The catchy nursery rhymes attached make children sing happily and learn easily.​

Child Development:

Problem solving 

Problem solving provides children the opportunities to try out new ideas, new ways of thinking, and to solve a problem or obstacle.





Communication is the process that people can express, listen, exchange and understand the thoughts and feelings, which make children strengthen their ability to see and understand the use of conversation, written language.





Concentration is a process that you put a lot of attention, energy and so on into a particular activity for a while. Through reading and playing children are easier attracted to focus on their new task.

CM 31 * 26.5 * 4.5