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Wise Puzzle
Item No: LA110

WisePuzzle is one of the instructive educational toys that use one flip grid and twelve numerical plastic boards to develop into a mathematical game. Children intelligence development is the most concern by parents. The main goal of WisePuzzle is to help children before learning age encourage their all kinds of capabilities via exploring and playing games.

It includes ten books with different units such as numeral, mathematics, shape, color, time, animal, plant, weather, upper and lower case, daily life and so on. It helps children widely learning eight kinds of intelligences, that is, language, mathematics, space, body activity, music, interpersonal relationship, introspection and natural observation. There are three different levels in this mathematical game.

The basic level, children can play by themselves, is shown as “one star”. “Two stars” means medium level, parents can give a hand to children, and it depends on children’s ability. For the advanced level, “three stars”, parents need assist children. Moreover, every child has distinctive temperament, using these choreographed units can make children to show forth their advantages and improve their disadvantages.

Child Development:


Problem solving 

Problem solving provides children the opportunities to try out new ideas, new ways of thinking, and to solve a problem or obstacle.


Logical and reasoning 

The process that child uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion problems or situations that include logical thinking call for structure, for relationships between facts, and for chains of reasoning that “make sense.”



Concentration is a process that you put a lot of attention, energy and so on into a particular activity for a while. Through reading and playing children are easier attracted to focus on their new task.


Eye-Hand Coordination

Coordination is the way that your muscles move together when you perform a movement, which includes eye movement with hand and the processing of visual input to guide reaching and grasping.

CM  30.5 * 43 * 7.5