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Congratulations! New website is done!

December 02, 2013

Learning Age International Co., Ltd was well established since 1989 that is professional on designing and manufacturing children educational toys.

In the early stage, our company's production was started from manufacturing children safety magnets. Because of the requirement from toy market, we also started to produce wooden educational aids in 1993 and plastic blocks in 1995; thereby in 1996 many kinds of educational books were also presented progressively. However, as the increasing number of electronic products, our company applied widely available technology and developed "touch and play" electronic aids, and later introduced new generation e-books in 2001. With the popularity of electronic books on the market, we positively obtained the authority of Noddy® from Chorion Company in United Kingdom then designed and developed a series of Noddy® product with good comment in 2003.

Today, our product range now includes magnetic toys, wooden toys, paper toys, plastic toys, e-books as well as Noddy® series products. As a result of increasing market demand, we have expanded our business and set up an representative office and factory in China as an ODM/OEM company to service wider customers.

Until now, we consistently believe that our integrated operation (i.e. product design, manufacturing and packaging) is an important factor which enables us to guarantee the best quality at the end. While having sales in Asia, North America and Europe, we are also actively expanding our presence in Australasian and South American markets. We are sincerely offering our best products and services to you.

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