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The best things ever: playing with children!

December 02, 2013


On Nov.12, 2013 the photo crew from our house visited a kindergarten- I ME LO Educational institute, which is located in Sanchong District. That was a totally amazing experience. The children are really adorable and full of creation. They just took a stick insert 4 pieces round blocks and said:,, Look! My papa always exercises like this!”(dumbbell lifting). We all laughed, cause we never take these blocks to build such a vivid thing in a easy form, but children can!!


After photo shooting we were really satisfied, not only with our new image photos but also with the new mental state, which is inspired and fresh. We really appreciate that the teachers and students of I ME LO Educational institute helped us so kindly. If we didn’t visit them, we would never try to build a dumbbell with our new blocks.


P.s. mentioned blocks: LA 013 Braining Block